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Yoga for Athletes

Yoga is an essential component of keeping yor body heathy and in balance, especially for athletes, runners, climbers and golfers for example. It is common for us to have strong muscles, but these will be unbalanced if there is no flexibility. Running can tighten the hamsings for example, Yoga can redress imbalances like this. Yoga strengthens and lengthens muscles, increases the range of motion in joints and brings the body back into balance.

Yoga lessons also teach correct breathing techniques to increase lung capcity and breathing efficiency, perfect for runners to increase the oxygen around the body. Breath techniques can also help retain focus pefect for that all important shot on he golf course. A calm body ad mind functions more eficiently.

At have had 7 months experience working with Mixed Martial Artists to help balance the impact that training has on their bodies and to increase their athletic perfomance, I am also working with golfers in a class soon to improve their swing and overall performance.

Please contact me to discuss your individual sporting needs.

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