Bamboo Workshops and Special Events

 The next  monthly Restorative Class is detailed below, bookings are now being taken, please click on one of these links MINDBODY app or website to book a space.

Sunday 4th February 5-7pm, Sunday 4th March 5-7pm

Serene Sunday Sessions – Restorative Yoga.

IMG_1610A monthly restorative class, 2 hours of bliss, to re-centre your mind, restore your energy and revive your soul. Restorative Yoga induces deep relaxation to help with everyday stresses of life. Perfect for anxiety and busy lives. Supported postures are held for a long period of time, gently allowing the muscles to let go, gently gaining flexibility and the mind to drop into a peaceful restful state. This style of yoga also helps balance the nervous and immune systems.

This class is based on the work of Judith Lasater, combining philosophy and science. Using props to support the body in positions of comfort and ease, we explore the power of stillness and silence. The class opens with a slow flow to enable you to de-stress. It progresses to a series of restorative poses for breathing and meditation practices to enable you to relax. The class closes with an extended savasana. By dedicating to resting deeply, you will gain more energy, compassion and creativity.

£13.50 for 2 hours must be pre booked and pre paid


bamboo essence- feel : a 2 hour workshop with the theme of feel, using doTERRA essential oils specifically just for emotions.


doTERRA Educational Workshops – Make and Takes

Pregnancy and Birth – What you put into and onto your body, and breathe in will enter your babies bloodstream, learn how to lessen the load of toxins in the house and life.

Learn how to use pure doTERRA essential oils to nurture yourself, and how to maximise your health.

Make a remedy to take home from one of the following, you are welcome to make more for £5 extra each bottle.
—-Nausea and heartburn
—Stretch Marks
—Sore Back/muscles/joints

The class costs £5 and includes some educational sheets to take home and your blend that you have made.

Places are limited to 8 so please book via the link on the class page of the website.


Natural Healthcare for Babies








I am so passionate about sharing the knowledge that I have with removing the toxins in the everyday house that are so damaging.
I love to offer you an alternative to care for your little ones.
You can make a natural remedy in this workshop using doTERRA essential oils to take home, choose from one of the following, or add another one for £5 a bottle…..
—Nappy Rash
—Happy Ears
—Hot Baby

Spaces will be limited to 8 so please book using the link below

There will be the opportunity at the end of the class to ask questions and get your own wholesale account.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

Womens Wellness

Learn how to support your body from the inside out, with tips for healthy gut and cells, to balancing your emotions and getting through the challenges that we face.

Make and take away one of the following blends, as well as some worksheets. You can make more up on the day if you like for £5 a bottle.

—Calming Blend
—Happy Mood Blend
—Endocrine Support
—Digestive & Cell Health

Places are limited to 8, please book your space on the link on the class page of the website, it is £5 for the class.