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How to use Mind Body to book and pay

Click the link on class page, or just search MindBody in the app store, and down load the free MindBody app from your app store on your phone by searching MindBody. Once you have installed it and launched it on your phone sign in and create an account.

Once you have created your account you will see the home screen, click on the magnifying class top right hand corner and search for Bamboo Yoga.

Click on Bamboo Yoga to take you to the info screen which gives the address, contact number, and other info including a link to the classes and pricing;.

Click on Pricing, which is shown in the  bottom right of the screen.

If you want to book a class, click on Classes, you’ll then see a list of class payment plans for those classes or workshops. Select and pay for whatever option you would like.

Then to book a class go back to the  bamboo yoga home page in the app and  click schedule, select your date to view the classes running, and then click on the class to book on. If it is your first time booking via the app, then you will need to agree to a liability waiver; You will also need to add in your mobile number so that you can easily be contacted if any classes need to be cancelled Once you have completed your waiver, you wont be bothered by those screens again.

If you have a purchased a pass you can book on and that class will be deducted from your pass; If you haven’t purchased a pass you can still book on, but pay at class; To cancel any classes, go to the schedule and the date you are booked in for – you will see that it says booked in grey, click that and you’ll be presented with an option to cancel;

If you are still within the time allowed (in the case of a 4 lesson pass this is 6 weeks from date of purchase), then the cancelled lesson will be added back into your plan, so you can use it to book onto another class. (NOTE you must cancel in advance of the class starting, the option to cancel is removed automatically once the class starts).

Once you have booked your classes, your MindBody app homescreen updates with your next booked class being shown in the centre of your screen; If you click that, you will bring up a list of all your upcoming classes, which is handy if you need to re-arrange, as this makes it straightforward to select the class, cancel if you need to and then rebook another class. Once you have booked onto classes, Bamboo Yoga should also show up in your Favourites. Selecting this will take you to the screen shown in step 5. above, which is a handy way to access the class schedule and/or purchase new class passes etc
credit to Simon Kane! Many thanks

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