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Yogis who study the ancient scriptures, are familiar with the concept of Ahimsa, which is a term referring to compassion and non violence. Today I booked a VIP seat to a Kick Boxing tournament in December. WHY???!!!! Let me explain….

My first break at teaching was with the Internationally known MMA Champion Paul Semtex Daley, at his Do Jo in Nottingham, I was terrified, this was the first class I had ever taught, even more terrifying, I was teaching several male kick boxers and Mixed Martial Artists. I had also made the  mistake of watching Pauls fights beforehand on YouTube, a little scared and overwhelmed is an understatement!

All that energy worrying was completely wasted. I met the nicest, most polite, most thoughtful group of guys. Spirit DoJo, has an amazing sense of community. The class went well, lots of groans as we worked out which areas were tight and which areas needed work. I had also met the most amazing group of yogis, they were focused, they were listening to their bodies, they weren’t afraid to use props and modify, they had no egos, were not competitive at all with each other,  and lots of questions were asked, they even loved the music, shavasana came easily to them. Their upper body strength enabled us to be playful and do things I couldn’t teach in general classes.

We laughed when I talked about non violence! I realised that the fights weren’t  what I term as violence. When I have supported some of my yogis in the past by going to fights its been hard, I hate seeing blood, or the  head being hit, I squirm constantly. But, I appreciate all the dedication, focus and hard work that goes into getting these guys where they are today. I also appreciate that their opponents have chosen to do this, it is consensual.  I have managed to reconcile this, as they are amazing guys, with kind hearts, and focus, this is the sport that they have chosen and their dedication is outstanding.

I believe in living my life in balance, I am a vegan, I hate the idea of cruelty and violence to any living being, animals do not have voices to be heard, fighters do, they have asked to fight. I am also very into living my life, a real life, not one with my head in the clouds, or constantly on my mat, I live my life with all different people, with all different interests, and our paths have crossed. If I had said no to teaching these classes, I would have missed out on meeting  some amazing people and also from starting my teaching career. The fact that they all got yoga, got my teaching, were so supportive, set my confidence up and I have never felt nerves to that extent again!

As yogis, we should be open and non  judgemental of all we meet (I know, I know….so much easier said than done, I am working on it!!!), soon, I will be hiding behind my hands, but I will be supporting some amazing people and being part of a world which I would never have even thought of! I will also have a pint or two as long as it is vegan! Balance to life is key, we need to play and interact to be whole.

This blog is dedicated to Paul Daley, Jack Layton and Liam Dewit, you were all amazing to teach.




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