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Karen’s Qualifications

11709817_303782513079437_5311932104035712731_nBWYQ Level 4 Diploma Yoga Teacher Training (500 hours)

Yoga Bugs Teaching Children July 2007

Teen Yoga (60 Hours) 01/02/2015


As part of being a member of the British Wheel of Yoga, we have to undertake Continual Professional Development, I love taking these classes, it gives me new ideas, inspiration and keeps my classes fresh. Below is a list of the classes I have taken so far. I also attend regular full day workshops in the Jivamukti style of yoga to progress my own personal practise.

Sequencing in a Yoga Class 20/10/2012

Understanding the needs of senior citizen yoga practitioners 13/4/2013

Themes in a Yoga Class 22/09/2012

The journeys of a yogi through the planning jungle 9/11/2013

Teaching Yoga for athletes and sports people 2/11/2013

Creative Preparation 21/9/2014  10360336_284213048369717_2850844626487590465_n

The Journey towards headstands and handstands 18/11/2014

Beginning the journey towards arm balances 14/3/2015

Yoga for healthy backs 21/10/2012

Hands on adjustments 12/7/2015

Teaching Restorative Yoga 16/11/2014 and 10/02/2014

Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs 20/09/2015

Yin Yoga for Teachers 24/09/2015 and 25/09/2015yin tt

Budokon Primary Series workshop 26/09/2015

Deconstructing Advanced Asana 01/02/2016

Yin Yoga Teacher Training 50 hours, with Sarah Lo (assistant to Sarah Powers 30/04/2016

Yin Yoga Advanced Level II  hours with Sarah Lo 20/10/2017

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