I have been practising yoga for 17 years. Over the years I (like many people do) tended to let my practice slip when life got stressful and busy, bit I have learnt that this is exactly when Yoga is needed the most.

As a busy mum and registered nurse I found that I needed to do something for my own physical and emotional wellbeing. In my opinion self care through Yoga isn’t an optional extra in life its a must.

I am a 200 hour Hatha and 50 hour Yin trained teacher. I teach in a relaxed, friendly, non-judgemental way that embraces anyone willing to give yoga a try. As a teacher I’ve learnt that we are all on different and sometimes very difficult journeys, I felt that if through teaching yoga I could make one person feel a little less lost in their difficult times I could make a difference.
So join me to learn that self care isn’t an ‘added extra’ in life, but an essential part of everyday well being.