I have been practising yoga on and for approximately 16 years. Over the years I (like many people do) tended to let my practice slip when life got stressful and busy. But I always felt a pull back to yoga. It took me a long time to finally realise that these times of stress and busyness were when I needed my practice more than ever.

I returned consistently to my practice in January 2014 following the loss of my mum. During my sadness and grief Yoga was the only place that felt like home at a time when I felt very lost. Through this experience I was inspired to begin my yoga teacher training. I felt that if through teaching yoga I could make one person feel a little less lost in their difficult times I could make a difference.

I teach hatha in a relaxed friendly way that embraces everyone. I am also a registered nurse and public health practitioner I love how there is so much new evidence to support the health and wellbeing benefits of yoga and think it should be available on prescription!