One to One Private Classes

One to One classes are amazing at creating a home practise for yourself, to work on particular issues such as building strength in the core, or legs, opening up the chest muscles or strengthening the arms.

It might be that you want to work on yogic philosophy or meditation, pranayama (breathwork), to reduce the effects of stress in the body or Yin Yoga.

Karen and Cesca run private lessons.

Karens Classes are 60 minutes long and can be scheduled upon request, this can include Yin sessions. Typical times are Thursdays 12.30  Fridays 11, 12, 13, she sometimes has more availability. Karens classes are £35 a session. Please email Karen on

Cesca’s classes are on Friday evenings 17.15-18.00 and cost £28 a session,  please  book this class via the mind body app which is linked on the top of the class page.