All spaces must be booked in advance, and can be cancelled, you can pay in class or online apart from some workshops and weekend classes. Please book by clicking on the following links MindBody app or website.      We have a page detailing how to use the app, please click here for instructions or email if you get stuck. Please note that some teachers hire the studio, these classes must be booked separately, these are detailed on the website.

Please note that sensible 14 year olds are allowed in the adult classes, the techniques are amazing at helping teens focus and cope with life. The adult will just need to sign a heath questionnaire the first time they come.

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One to One Sessions Available upon request, click here for more details
Monday 9.30-10.30

Lighthouse Pilates (Fay)

Wake-up Pilates
Please see below for booking details, not included in bamboo yoga passes
Monday 11.00-12.00 Wake-up Pilates
Please see below for booking details, not included in bamboo yoga passes
Monday 18.30-19.30


Yoga Flow (Vinyasa)
Monday 19.45-20.45


Hatha Yoga - All Levels
Tuesday 10.30-11.30


Baby Mindful Class

Please see below for booking details, these classes are not included in the Bamboo Passes

Tuesday 18.30-20.00


Yoga and Pilates Fusion

Please see below for booking details, these classes are not included in the Bamboo Passes

Wednesday 10.00-11.00 Wake-up Pilates

Please see below for booking details, not included in bamboo yoga passes

Wednesday 14.00-15.15


Gentle Years Yoga

Please see below for booking details, these classes are not included in the Bamboo Passes

Wednesday 18.00-19.00

Lighthouse Pilates (Fay)

Twilight Pilates

Please see below for booking details, not included in the Bamboo Yoga passes

Wednesday 19.15-20.15


Run, Bike, Climb - Yoga!
 Wednesday 20.30-21.30


Hatha Yoga - All Levels
Thursday 9.30-10.30

Lighthouse Pilates (Fay)

Wake-up Pilates

Please see below for booking details, not included in bamboo yoga  passes

 Thursday 11.15-12.15


Golf Ladies Yoga (full)
 Thursday 18.10-19.10


Hatha Yoga, please note this says 18.00pm on the app, the start time is 18.10pm
 Thursday 19.15-20.15


 Yin Yoga
Friday 9.30-10.30

Lighthouse Pilates (Fay)

Wake-up Pilates please see below for booking details, not included in bamboo yoga  passes
Friday Private 1-1 class



(45 mins - £25)

Friday 18.15-19.15


Beginners Yoga
Saturday 8.45-9.45


Yoga Flow (Vinyasa)

Term Time Only



Family Yoga 3-7 year olds
Sunday 10-11 am

Clare Makin

6 week course


Happy Pelvis Yoga

September 2/9/16/23

October 7/142018

 Sunday 17.00-19.00


Serene Sunday Sessions (Monthly)   1st April, 6th May, 3rd June (please note this will be 6-8pm)

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Class Description:

Hatha Yoga: Suitable for all levels, I always teach stages and alternatives towards the more challenging postures in class, so everyone is always involved. Some dynamic flowing postures are sometimes included. This class will really improve your arm, leg, core and back strength, increase flexibility, and give your mind a bit of space to breathe! PLEASE NOTE THAT STUDENTS MUST BE ABLE TO KNEEL AND GET UP AND DOWN FROM THE FLOOR AS THERE IS SOME KNEELING IN THE CLASSES.


Yoga Flow: A more dynamic yoga class, working with lots of flows, to raise your heart rate, build strength and increase flexibility. Your mind gets a workout too!
Yin Yoga: A floor based practice, using props if needed. In Yin Yoga, we work on the deep connective tissue in the body and the joints, to keep them mobile and as healthy as possible, compared to Hatha Yoga which works on muscles. Each posture will be held between 2-6 minutes. A time to go inside and really connect with yourselves. A very powerful form of self healing, this system works alongside the Chinese Meridians which are worked on in Acupuncture. In Yin, we place ourselves in shapes to stimulate these meridians which balances our emotions and also improves the function of our internal organs. Click here for more information
Run, Bike, Climb - Yoga! A class designed specifically for the active students who cycle, run or climb. Tight muscles with a limited range of motion will not be working efficiently. This class will concentrate on improving the flexibility in the hips, thighs and hamstrings. We will build strength in the arms and core, and look at increasing flexibility in the chest and improving posture, as these sports can result in postural imbalances. We will also spend time working on the respiratory muscles to increase lung capacity. An essential addition to your training schedule.
Beginner's Hatha Yoga: You will have the opportunity to develop deep strength within your postural muscles, alongside balance within your mind. The class is all inclusive, with options to step up or step down postures, making it suitable for most. We focus on the fundamental areas of tension held within our body; the hips, shoulders and spine, and work within postures and breathing techniques that help to alleviate common limitations. PLEASE NOTE THAT YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE A BEGINNER TO ATTEND THIS CLASS AS YOU WORK TO YOUR OWN ABILITY.
Family Yoga 3-7 year olds: Pre school age 3-7. A fun and friendly class for little ones and their big people. An interactive introduction to the practice of yoga and mindfulness through story, music and adventure to help pre-school age children  explore body movement, breath play and relaxation. Mum's, Dad's or carers accompany each child to support the children in their discovery and feel the benefits for themselves: increased flexibility, improved confidence, relief from tension to name but a few! Come and join us on the mat for a memorable family experience. Every Saturday 10.45 till 11.45.
Baby Mindful Classes: At Baby Mindful, we recognise that parents want to help their little ones be calm and happy, we also know that it is equally important (if not more) for parents to have a sense of space and feel calm too. Baby Mindful classes aim to provide for both of your needs - helping you feel calmer and relaxed while you bond with your baby and support their development. Classes are based around a nursery rhyme and are deliberately slow in pace. Each session follows a 7 step approach, and includes movement, play, gentle stretching, gentle baby touching, breathing exercises for parents, affirmations & relaxation. Classes are designed for parents 0-6 months. Please contact / Nicci 07986272890
Serene Sunday Sessions: With the intensity of modern life, we can easily become disconnected. Restorative yoga is a delicious way for us to reconnect. Based on the work of Judith Lasater, the teaching combines philosophy and science. Using props to support the body in positions of comfort and ease, we explore the power of stillness and silence. The class opens with a slow flow to enable you to de-stress, progressing to a series of restorative poses for breathing and meditation practices. The class closes with an extended savasana to enable you to let go completely. By dedicating time to rest deeply, you will gain more energy, compassion and creativity.
Yoga and Pilates Fusion Class: Combining the essential principles of Pilates moving the body through its full range of movement, improving core strength and flexibility in a safe yet challenging workout. You will then experience a Yoga flow and static postures with breath awareness, allowing you to relax deeply. The sessions conclude with deep relaxation, leaving you refreshed to re-enter the rest of your evening.  Please contact 07759489898 for more details and to book your space.
Wake-Up Pilates & Twilight Pilates : Mat Pilates is suitable for all ages and abilities. A fantastic 'whole body' approach, mindful exercise programme, particularly known for alleviating pain and increasing increasing core muscle strength and flexibility. A welcoming, friendly class tailored to individual postural needs awaits. Please contact Fay 07875360052,

Happy Pelvis Yoga: This is a different kind of yoga class. Through the practice of yoga we will focus on full-body alignment to benefit the health of your pelvic floor.

By improving your flexibility, changing the way you hold your body and learning to breathe properly we can lessen the symptoms of pelvic floor dysfunction.

This class is ideal for anyone suffering from: Pelvic organ prolapse Incontinence, Frequent trips to the bathroom Painful pelvic area, Plus many others. (please note: if you have recently given birth or are under medical supervision for your condition please seek medical sign off before attending) Some or all of these problems can happen to anyone, both men and women but often is associated with women after child birth.  If you're ready to take action and gain some normality back in your life, this course is for you!  This is a 6 week course with a 1 week break on 30th September. Please ensure you can make all of the dates before committing.  Class dates: 2nd Sept, 9 Sept, 16 Sept, 23, Sept, 7 Oct, 14 Oct all class will be 1 hour 10am - 11am. *The early price of £57 is available until 31st July.this course is £69