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I began practising Yoga nine years ago, after finishing my Psychology degree at Nottingham Trent. It was all a bit random really, I went from having no interest in yoga to being completely consumed by it. After practising alone and attending some classes in Nottingham, I travelled to India to complete my Yoga Teacher Training in Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga.

During my time in India, and for five years since I have grown very passionate about connection and ensuring that students are breathing properly during their practice. If you come to practice with me, you will see that I value self-connection more than the physical asanas (postures), although these are still very important.

A few years ago, I studied Yin Yoga, with Sarah Lo. This sparked my obsession (healthy, of course) with finding stillness in Yoga and allowing transformation through total surrender. Yin is not for the faint-hearted!

On a personal and interpersonal level, practising Yoga has allowed me to delve into myself and experience a loving connection between my mind, body, and soul.  It has shown me that we create our own truth and our own reality.

Most importantly yoga has shown me both a way in and a way out, of my ‘self’. The more I learn and the more I practice, the more I realise how little I know. My teaching style is compassionate, deep and light-hearted. Letting go and creating space is my focus as both a teacher and a student of the practice.

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