doTERRA Monthly Offers…..

December is a great time to start your oily journey! Lots of time to read and learn how to become your own essential oils expert, maybe a Christmas gift to yourself!!! Let your partner know and send them to me!!!

If you have a starter kit like the home essentials kit you will also get Frankincense oil free which is amazing.

As well as becoming part of an amazing community, you get access to free personal Development courses, ski care courses and two cleanses a year, as well as much much more!

The wellness advocate that you get your oils through will be your mentor for your oily journey and I would love to teach you all that I know, I love supporting my customers.

I am here to help you work out which oils and products are best for you. Any time we spend together is without obligation, I am just here to educate and let you know about things. I think we all know that I could happily talk about oils all day long!

If you would like to get started let me know and we can chat online, in person or over the phone, contact me to arrange.

Have a lovely December

Much Love

Karen xxx