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doTERRA Essential Oils

doTERRA Essential Oils are a main part of my natural lifestyle, along with yoga & meditation. They have integrated into every area of my life from toxic free cleaning, to applying to the skin for some self care, to taking to boost and support my  immune system. My children turn to them for illness, cuts, sleep and to help with emotions, and my husband to help with his long distance running.

I am so passionate about teaching others how to use the oils for everyday health, pro active health care and emotional health. I still believe in the western medicine system, but I love having a non toxic alternative to manage the niggles in life, and reduce harmful toxins in our lives.  I can teach you how to get toxins out of your families home with ease, and become your own essential oil expert! I have a lovely community to help and support you.

I also specialise in coaching others to start a business with doTERRA if that is for you, and teach yoga teachers how to weave them into yoga classes. You do not need to do business when you get a doTERRA wholesale account , you can hang out as a customer. 85% of doTERRA users are customers!

I host monthly educational classes, please see the Facebook Events Page for more details.

I run the most beautiful Self Care Facebook event, its been such a lovely success and everyone has enjoyed it and started looking after themselves in an easy and effective way. Here is the link to have a look, or you can contact me to have a chat or ask questions at any time.

I also have free online wellness consultations for anyone who wants to know more, contact me to book your time with me, either in person or in my online meeting room.

If you would like to enjoy the benefits of doTERRA oils in your own home for your wellness, or in your office, or are considering a business as part of our growing team, fill out the contact form. It is such a joy to be part of this amazing community of beautiful oil users, and I am very proud to be working with Elena Brower as my mentor.  There has been such an amazing interest in the oils, they are hard to resist and I have fallen so in love with them, and sharing them has come so naturally, that I have  become a GOLD Leader with doTERRA.

There are two ways to get these oils, you can click here and buy the oils and products at full price…..

OR…… you can get your own wholesale account to get 25% off all things doTERRA,  you are welcome to have an online consultation with me in my zoom meeting room, this takes about half an hour, we go through your health concerns and goals, and make sure we get you started on this amazing journey with the best oils for you. It is better to have a quick chat or you could message me and I can send you a video with my advice. If you would like to join without the consultation please click here and follow these instructions…..
Click Link
Click Join & Save
Choose Join doTERRA
Choose Wholesale Customer
Fill in your personal details (UK scroll down to DUBLIN for time zone) and choose either a starter kit or the £28 enrolment option and you can add products when you take that to the payment stage. PLEASE NOTE that it is best to speak to me first to see what option is best for you to start you off. The starter kits have the account opening fee of £28 waived.

Please note that the enroller ID should be filled in but if it isn’t please put 3847969
I will then send you some welcome emails, oils will take a few days to reach you and then your new essential oil life can begin! Ensuring this ID is in will mean that you have me to look after you and her with learning how to use them safely and effectively.

Click here for deeper information about what an essential oil is.
I use the oils for chemical toxic free cleaning, for skin care, or cellular renewal, and to keep my emotional wellbeing balanced. As a plus my house always smells amazing!!!
doTERRA are a company which are making a positive impact on the world, the have a co-sourcing policy, and really help the native people who provide the raw material for doTERRA. As a team doTERRA help build local facilities that are needed in that area, click here for more information.

doTERRA provide amazing oils, so pure that some of them can be taken internally for medicinal use. These essential oils are certified therapeutic grade oils, and undergo rigorous testing both in house and in independent labs.
Why doTERRA? Click here for more information.

Essential oils are natural aromatic compounds which come from plants and trees, they are the tree and plants natural immune system. The oils have various uses, anti inflammatory, anti bacterial, antibiotic, analgesic, and so much more.


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