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Why do yoga?

What will you gain from practising yoga? Every individual has a completely different experience of yoga, that is the beauty of it, it is a practise just for yourself. If you practise regularly, your muscles will lengthen, become stronger and more supple and flexible. This will help with the bodies joints.10374859_268707959920226_3580755017802600571_n

For those of us who do a lot of gym work or running, yoga is excellent to do alongside to keep the body in balance. Over time as we weight train or run, our muscles become stronger but shorten and tighten, regular Yoga can help counteract this effect on the body, by lengthening out the muscles and keeping flexibility to maintain balance in the body. Muscles need strength and flexibility. We also do breath work, to exercise the breathing muscles and teach breath control to increase the effectiveness of our breath.

We can also do practises to de-tox the body, or more fast paced practises to burn energy. One of the main benefits of practising yoga is the effect it has on the mind and emotions. Yoga teaches us how to deal with situations in a more calm manner, it teaches focus and clarity of thought, it helps us to get to know ourselves and what we need.

We are so busy all the time, it gives us some precious time out to focus purely on ourselves. At the end of each yoga practice we have at least five minutes being still, which in the beginning is not easy!!! Our mind is racing, we are thinking about what shopping we need to get or what to make for tea, but over time, we can learn to focus on the here and now and not the future, and gain some beautiful moments of pure peace and calm.

Don’t worry of you are not flexible or active, each yoga pose can be modified for you, you work to your own capability.

Sound good? It is, so please contact me for more details or look at our class page for details of classes at Bamboo Yoga Studio.

Please note that Yoga is not a attached to any religion.

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