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Come home to a strong, spacious, authentic YOU



The song that inspired me and this blog. I am trying to concentrate on telling my story and going advice in chronological order. But…my brain doesn’t always work like that!  I want to share an experience I had whilst on a lovely week away in Wells Next the Sea last week. I have started running…

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Once upon a time…..

There once was a 30 year old woman who still felt like a little girl. Adjusting to motherhood, pregnant with her second child which was an absolute blessing. You see, she lost a baby in early pregnancy before her daughter…. Losing a baby in the womb cuts so so deeply. It is a loss of…

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Why am I writing this blog? Who would I love to read it?

My aim for writing this blog has a few whys behind it. It’s always good to know and keep remembering why you are doing something so you stick to it, keep your focus and you will achieve more. I want to be the person that I needed and could not find when I was going…

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Who the f**k do I think I am?

Welcome to my first official (well third!) blog, where I publicly  declare that I will stop hiding, will be consistent and not stop this time, blogging about  what I want to say to the World. What am I on about? Who the f**k do I think I am?! I first had the feelings that I…

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The Void…The Space Between Tests and Results

The Void…The Space Between Tests and Results We are all so very unique, our experiences are all so very unique. Every blog, I want to stress that this is MY EXPERIENCE, no one else will feel exactly as I did, as I will not feel what others are feeling. In sharing I am hoping that…

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Yoga and my Journey through Breast Cancer

Introduction….. ….As I am writing this, I finally feel that I can really create some good for others from the experiences I have had following a cancer diagnosis 7 years ago at the ripe old age of 34. At the time, I really needed a young, positive and physically active role model to answer my  questions. I…

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Teaching Yoga and watching Kick Boxing!

Yogis who study the ancient scriptures, are familiar with the concept of Ahimsa, which is a term referring to compassion and non violence. Today I booked a VIP seat to a Kick Boxing tournament in December. WHY???!!!! Let me explain…. My first break at teaching was with the Internationally known MMA Champion Paul Semtex Daley,…

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Meet Bam-Bam and Boo-Boo!

Here is the logo for the childrens yoga, our own fluffy pandas, “Bam-Bam” and “Boo-Boo”, Bam-Bam is the boy panda and Boo-Boo is the girl panda, they always come around at the end of the class to give the children a gentle wake up and snuggle! My own two children Isabelle and Finley love Bam-Bam…

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