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Benefits of Yoga for Children

10402390_266712816786407_5387668550384381456_nBenefits of Yoga for Children:

  • Anyone can do yoga, regardless of their level of fitness or flexibility as postures can be modified to make them accessible to all.
  • Classes encourage interaction and creativity, improve self expression and use a child’s powerful imagination.
  • Yoga helps to develop balance, stability and poise.iphone march 2013 462
  • It improves coordination and spatial awareness.
  • Breathing exercises increase concentration spans and energy levels.
  • Relaxation techniques still the mind, allowing for better memory retention.
  • Postures help recharge a weak immune system whilst strengthening the core stabilising muscles of the abdomen and back.
  • Yoga helps to tone the body and helps to achieve good posture, a strong spine and bones, supple muscles and healthier lungs.iphone march 2013 464
  • Yoga maintains a child’s natural flexibility which they can otherwise lose from a surprisingly young age – even those who play lots of sports struggle to touch their toes as all that activty without stretching can shorten and tighten muscles. Yoga is a complement to other sporting activities and can be valuable in preventing sporting injuries.
  • Yoga improves self-confidence through vocalisation techniques and postures that are designed to release day to day anxieties such as separation issues, or bullying, lethargy and negativity.
  • Yoga techniques, can also help children manage anger
  • Yoga is a complete form of exercise in a safe and non-competitive environment. It also benefits children with Special Education Needs
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY THE CLASSES ARE FUN!!!iphone march 2013 465


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